Who We Are

The Cognitive Science Student Association was established to build and maintain a community of students with interest in the multidisciplinary aspects of Cognitive Science. We maintain a strong relationship with UCSD's prestigious Cognitive Science Department in order to deliver academic opportunities to our members and stay up-to-date with the most cutting edge research in Cognitive Science. We establish connections with professional groups in the San Diego area in order to help our members discover the multidisciplinary qualifications that Cognitive Science offers to the professional world.

Our events, meetings, outings, and easy-going atmosphere promote a close-knit community and provide invaluable services and opportunities to anyone who is interested in becoming an active member of CSSA.

CONTACT US AT [email protected]

18-19 Executive Board

Cara Spencer


Hello! I am the CSSA President for the 2018-19 academic year. I'm a third year senior specializing in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. I also have a double major with Human Developmental Sciences. I've worked with three research labs during the last two years, including one here at UCSD, one at Johns Hopkins University for a summer, and the other at The Salk Institute during the school year. I plan to go to graduate school. I enjoy good shows, good food, the gym, and sharing these activities with good people.

Grace Chen

Vice President

I am a fourth year Cognitive Science major, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction with a minor in Computer Science and Vice President of CSSA. Outside of school, I enjoy long walks to Gliderport and chai lattes.

Dev Sharma

Logistics Chair

Hello! I am a fourth year, specializing in Machine Learning and Neural Computation. I work in the Data & GIS Lab on campus. I also have my own startup called the InfoPost, it uses AI and human centered design to combat fake news and misinformation. My hobbies include reading, messing with stuff, movies, astronomy and photography. Hit me up!

Barbara Liu

Food & Dining Chair

I am currently a sophomore majoring Cognitive Science/neuroscience specialization, with a minor in Biology. My main jobs in CSSA are to provide food for everyone who comes to our event and make our talks and socials more enjoyable. I love doing research and learn about everything about cognition. They help me reflect on myself & my mind and know better about who/what I am. When I am free, I enjoy eating and watching lots of films. Come and talk to me during our events if you also love brain science, food, or films!

Phillip Lagoc

Internal PADC

Hello! My name is Phillip Lagoc and I am the Internal Professional and Academic Development Chair (Internal PADC) of CSSA. I am responsible for organizing events aimed at getting UCSD's Cognitive Science faculty and graduate students to connect with its undergraduate population through networking events and talk panels. In the past, I have been an Android Developer Intern for TheTalkList, LLC., and have been part of the Early Academic Outreach Program as a tutor. Currently, I am part of the Language Comprehension Lab as a research assistant. If you want to talk about machine learning, cognitive science, or video games, then don't be shy and come talk to me!

Winnie Chang

External PADC

My name is Winnie, like Winnie the Pooh. I was originally a math major with a cognitive science minor. After one quarter, I switched over to Cognitive Science and now I have a business minor. I am currently a supervisor at UC San Diego’s Telephone Outreach’s Program and a sales professional at Tiffany & Co. In my free time, I like to cuddle up in my minion blanket with my laptop watching tv shows. When I’m not indoors, I am most likely out eating some type of new cuisine. If I’m not eating, I’m most likely off somewhere petting a stranger’s dog or squealing about how cute a panda accessory is.

Andrew Nguyen

Fundraising Chair

How's it going! I'm Andrew Nguyen a 3rd year CogSci major with a Design and Interaction specialization and a Computer Science minor. Outside of my classes, I am also the Lab Coordinator and Web Designer for the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab run by Dr. Timothy Rickard, which runs many of the experiments that you may be a part of for that sweet sweet SONA credit. In my off time (if I'm not lazing around at home), you can find me trying out some new recipes in my kitchen or going to all sorts of different events around town (especially if they have food).

Rohini Sen


Hi! I am a third-year majoring in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience and minoring in Biology. I am currently working as a research assistant at the Centre for Brain and Cognition and at the School of Medicine. I am also volunteering for the UCSD chapter of 'Asha'- a non-profit supporting equality in education. I hope to go to Grad School as I am keen to understand and explore the biological/clinical as well as the behavioural aspects of cognitive neuroscience. I love dancing, painting, watching TV and am a BIG The Office and Parks and Rec fan!

Sophia Huang

Sponsorship Chair

I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at UCSD double majoring in Math-Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Since young, I was amazed by various patterns that repeat and evolved, therefore developed a strong interest in quantitatively modeling and artistically creating patterns. With such interest, the complex pattern of recognition and processing in the brain amazed me and lead me to study computational neuroscience. For the past year, I joined a research project on developing a computational model of the perception of social traits (attractiveness, intelligence, etc.) from faces and worked in specific on finding the neural basis of such process. As the more I learned about the brain, it attracts me more to continue such journey of searching.

Amaya Mali

Public Relations Chair

I have practiced graphic design for 6 years now and now I am studying Cognitve Science -Design and Interaction. In my position I create graphics that advertise CSSA events on either small physical flyers or banners on Facebook, and design logos and pamphlets for the national conference held in the spring. I also explored mediums in film editing, motion graphics, animations and I practice amatuer photography with my friends. In my free time I love to go hiking, find a new place to eat and go to a concert.

Michelle Wan

Public Relations Chair

Fun-sized with big dreams. I enjoy learning about different cultures and traveling! I also have a huge passion for music. Ask me any questions. I would love to learn more about you!

Samruddhi Hande

Social Chair

Hi I'm Sam, and I'm the social chair this year! This means I advertise our club, post about events, and get people to join us! It's fun because I get to talk to people, use social media, and think of fun ideas for the club. Aside from this club, I work at the UCSD bookstore as a sales associate! My hobbies outside of school include hanging out with friends, going to the beach, reading, watching movies, and eating. I am actually from here in San Diego, so traveling outside of it is also fun once in a while. I am excited to contribute to the CSSA team by hopefully making it the most enjoyable club we can make it!

Daniel Li

Web Engineer

Hi! I am a second year majoring in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Design and Interaction. Outside of CSSA, I am a copy reader for The Guardian (campus newspaper) and apart of Phi Delta Theta. I enjoy reading, traveling and watching How to Get Away with Murder.

Helen Cheng

Web Designer

Changed from EE to CogSci late in my 2nd year, and never really did anything until my 3rd. I've won a couple hackathon awards, worked as a research assistant at the Design Lab, and am an officer of Triton XR. I've interned at Continum (PM/product design) and Nanome (UX design). I'm now a contractor for Nanome and signed my first freelance job! I love design, video games, and cats. My dream is to eventually run my own creative agency or indie game dev studio. If you have any career or CSSA questions, just email me!