Who We Are

The Cognitive Science Student Association was established to build and maintain a community of students with interest in the multidisciplinary aspects of Cognitive Science. We maintain a strong relationship with UCSD's prestigious Cognitive Science Department in order to deliver academic opportunities to our members and stay up-to-date with the most cutting edge research in Cognitive Science. We establish connections with professional groups in the San Diego area in order to help our members discover the multidisciplinary qualifications that Cognitive Science offers to the professional world.

Our events, meetings, outings, and easy-going atmosphere promote a close-knit community and provide invaluable services and opportunities to anyone who is interested in becoming an active member of CSSA.

17-18 Executive Board

Jenny Zhen


I’m currently a fourth-year student majored in Cognitive Science with specialization of Neuroscience. I love what I am doing with CSSA now and I’m glad to see how CSSA is becoming more professional and influential to the CogSci community in UCSD. I’m also a dancer and a behavioral neuroscience researcher.

Cara Spencer


Hello! I am a second year Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major and Human Development minor. I work in the Perception and Cognition Lab on campus as an undergrad research assistant, and am a member of a robotics group called Yonder Edge. Outside of class I love to sing, go to the gym, and search all over San Diego for really good food. I aspire to work in the Human Research Program at NASA.

Dev Sharma

Logistics Chair

Hello! I am a third year, specializing in Machine Learning and Neural Computation. I work in the Data & GIS Lab on campus. My dream is to create a general AI which could benefit individually, rather than what now it's used by companies for as. My hobbies include reading, messing with stuff, movies, and procastinating about my work.

Samarth Aggarwal


I am a sophomore studying Cognitive Science w/ a Specialization in Machine Learning and Neural Computation. I have a math minor and a entrepreneurship & innovation minor. I work at Weibel Lab under Prof. Nadir Weibel where I study HIV risk areas using machine learning and data science techniques. I am also part of IEEE and Hult [email protected] San Diego. So, if you have any questions regarding artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship, just HMU. In my free time, I print 3D models and play with VR gear.

Vivian Zhang

Food & Dining Chair

I’m Vivian Zhang who is a junior majoring in Cognitive Science Machine Learning aspect. I love walking and driving. And I love learning different cultures.

David Liau

Internal PADC

Hey! I'm David, a junior specializing in Machine Learning and Neural Computation. My dream is to eventually work with IBM Watson and the clients that utilize it in our daily lives. You can find me slacking off in Geisel, playing basketball at RIMAC, or vaccuuming food in PC. Or, just message me on Facebook!

Helen Cheng

External PADC

Hi there! I'm Helen, a third year CogSci major specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and minoring in Computer Science. I'm a Qualcomm Institute events assistant and the Triton Overwatch Social officer. I've interned at a physics/chem lab and a NASA educational program here on campus. Outside of class and work, I mostly look at memes, play video games, and listen to music to counter the tilt. My dream is to live in Monterey with 3 cats. Come talk to me any time if you have any questions, or just want to trade music playlists.

Fernando Cortez

Fundraising Chair

Hey guys! My name is Fernando and I am currently a fourth-year student majoring in Cognitive Science: Human Computer Interaction Specialization. I currently work in Dr. Federico Rossano’s Comparative Cognition Lab as a undergraduate research assistant. On my own time, I’m also an enthusiastic salsa dancer who loves to teach, performer, and inspire young dancers.

Echo Ma


I am a senior Cognitive Science major specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. I have a passion towards design and art. I love food and outdoor activities.

Elaine Hsieh

Sponsorship Chair

My name is Elaine and I'm a sophomore from Revelle college. I am currently double majoring in Cognitive Science with Machine Learning and Neuralcomputation and Computer Science. Fun fact: My thumbs are double jointed.

Grace Chen

Public Relations Chair

I am a third year Cognitive Science major specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and co-Public Relation Chair for CSSA. Outside of school, I enjoy short walks at Gliderport and chai lattes.

Emily Zhao

Public Relations Chair

I am a second year Cognitive Science major specializing in Machine Learning and Neural Computation, and minoring in Business. Besides being Co-Public Relations Chair for CSSA, I am on a hip-hop dance team and am part of a marketing association called Adwave. In my free time, I enjoy reading, exploring new places, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Joshua Tjong


Hi! I am a fourth year Cognitive Science major specializing in Design and Interaction and a Computer Science Minor. I am currently working in Professor Dow's Protolab and I am also working at the UCSD Center for Digital Learning, helping Professors create courses on Coursera and edX. My hobbies include playing piano, golfing, reading, watching youtube videos, movies, and just learning about new things.