National Cognitive Science Conference

April 7th, 2018 | 10:30AM - 5PM
PC East Ballroom, UC San Diego


Welcome to UC San Diego Cognitive Science Student Association's 12th annual Cognitive Science Conference! Based on the theoretical framework of the 1950’s Cognitive Revolution, this year’s National Cognitive Science Conference aims to explore the rising popularity of its practical applications. These applications represent two core values — innovation and inclusivity. With today’s tech boom, we innovate by optimizing creation, expediting the software development process, and spurring medical advances. And with growing awareness, we include others by overcoming cognitive biases and helping those who are disabled or in need. Our conference hopes to encompass these two topics in what we call a new frontier - the Cognitive Revolution 2.0.


With over 300 attendees, the theme of last year’s National Cognitive Science Conference was the Cognition at Work. Keynote speakers included Don Norman from The Design Lab and Nate Bolt, founder of Ethnio. The conference highlighted the inner mechanisms of the brain along with the practical applications of cognition in the real world.