April 14, 2019 | 10 AM - 4:30 PM | PC Theater


Delving deep into the culture of cognitive science, this year’s National Cognitive Science Conference aims to explore the crossroads between the interdisciplinary aspects of cognitive science and the practical world-wide application of it.

Attendees and presenters include distinguished researchers and scientists, reputable companies in related industries, and lab representatives. In the past, our conference have consistently received over 300 attendees. Come out this year if you are interested in academic and career advancement opportunities, or simply want to deepen your knowledge of how the diverse applications of Cognitive Science are shaping the future.


Event Time Location
Intro/Check-In 10:00 AM Price Center Theater
Speaker 1 (JHU) 10:30 AM Price Center Theater
Speaker 2 (UCLA) 11:20 AM Price Center Theater
Lunch & Lab Open House 12:15 PM Forum
Workshop 1 1:45 PM PC Rooms
Workshop 2 2:30 PM PC Rooms
Networking Reception 3:15 PM Forum

Workshops 1 & 2

Design & Interaction @ ERC Room

Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience @ Green Table Room

Machine Learning @ Marshall Room

Language & Culture @ Red Shoe Room

Clinical Aspects @ Revelle Room

Neuroscience @ Bear Room



The theme of last year's National Cognitive Science Conference was The Cognitive Revolution 2.0. Keynote speakers included Michael Arbib, Karen Emmorey, and Berthold Reinwald. The conference considered a new frontier in our field engendered by the growing popularity of practical applications.

The theme of 2017’s National Cognitive Science Conference was the Cognition at Work. Keynote speakers included Don Norman from The Design Lab and Nate Bolt, founder of Ethnio. The conference highlighted the inner mechanisms of the brain along with the practical applications of cognition in the real world.