CSSA Member Organization

The CSSA includes a General Membership, Extended Board, and Executive Board.

General Membership

No commitment required. You will receive our monthly newsletter and other emails about events, and are encouraged to go to all of our general events.

Additionally, because our mission is to host informative and engaging events for the student body, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Extended Board

Commitment required. (~ Estimated 2-5 hours per week)

The Extended Board is made up of volunteers and committee members. You can sign up to be a volunteer at any point in the year, but committee applications open in the fall and are filled quickly. Those who sign up to volunteer in Spring Quarter are not eligible for awards during the banquet but will still be invited.

Active Volunteers & Committee Members

To be considered an Active Volunteer, you must do at least 2 jobs per quarter.

Jobs include…

  • Tabling
  • Putting up posters
  • Taping flyers to chais
  • Class announcements
  • Chalking boards and sidewalks
  • Posting pictures of yourselves on our social media at our events
  • Invite friends to our events on Facebook and show up with them
  • Participate in CogSci or Psychology lab experiments
  • Anything else you might think of, as long as it is approved by the board

Committee members report to their Committee lead who is a member of the Executive Board. They will shadow and assist leads with completing tasks.

Committees include…

  • Fundraising
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsorship
  • Professional and Academic Development
  • Public Relations
  • Social Chair

We will have special events for the Extended Board, such as game tournaments, meals with the board and department, and social events. We will also host a banquet for the Executive and Extended Board at the end of the year. Each committee and volunteer will receive awards, as we send off our graduating seniors.

Executive Board

These officers do all of the planning for these events. To become an executive board member, it is highly recommended that you become a dedicated committee member.

To learn more about members and their positions, check out our About page.